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Limited Edition Print Information
All of the photographic images that I offer are released in a limited edition series.  This means that regardless of the print size, the total number of images printed for a particular photograph will not exceed the edition size (with the exception of Artist Proofs).  Once the series is sold, the image will never again be printed as a photograph. I use a mix of digital and film formats to capture the images, and after hand selecting only the best images, the images are cleaned and digitally scanned for archival and printing purposes. I am a firm believer in presenting images as they originally occurred without overuse of digital manipulation or excessive color saturation. My intent in photography is to share the beauty of a scene as it actually occurred in nature rather than creating something that wasn't there. In addition, unless noted, all wildlife captured in my images are of truly wild animals in their natural habitats. Too often, digital manipulation and captive animals are used as photographer's props and are passed off as the real thing. To me, if the conditions are not optimal for photography, I'd rather set the camera down and simply enjoy the moment.  

All of my limited editions are printed on either lightly textured canvas or the finest archival watercolor papers available. By utilizing these mediums, I have been able to eliminate the use of glass in my framing process which eliminates the problem of glare that can distract from your enjoyment no matter how good your lighting may be. The end result is a framed image created to optimize your viewing experience. I've found that canvas and watercolor images give a realistic "feel" to the displays that just aren't possible through traditional printing methods.  The prints are characterized by exceptional whiteness, great color saturation, and the ability to display subtle tone variations.  When viewed under proper conditions, you can expect over 100 years of life out of your prints. If you are interested in alternative mediums, just ask, and I can work out a custom order scenario.

Custom Framing and Gallery Wraps
If you choose to have your order professionally framed, each print will be custom fitted with archival mounting, a linen liner, and a hand selected wood frame to accent the image.  Only the highest quality framing materials are used to enhance the natural beauty of each image.  To optimize your viewing experience, glass is not used in the framing process - instead, each image is coated with an UV protective barrier that is not visible in the final product. As an alternative to traditional framing, a canvas gallery wrap option is available. With a gallery wrap, the canvas image is stretched across a wooden frame to give your final product a presence on the wall, but without an exposed frame. The edges of the image in this case are black which helps to create space and a beautiful display option. If you are interested in other display options, just ask and I will work with you on your specific needs.

Image Sizes & Formats
Limited edition prints are available either as individual photographs or as mounted, and framed photographs.

Image sizes listed on this website refer to the approximate dimensions of the photograph before framing.  Final dimensions of framed images will vary depending on the matting or framing style.  Typical framed images will be 6-8” larger (total) than the photograph depending on the print size.  Available image sizes will vary according to the specific photographs.  The sizes available for each

The markings ‘www.wonderofcreation.com’ and ‘Ó Clark Weber' that appear on the website images do not appear on the final limited edition prints.  In addition, the white border present on the web images are not present on the final image.

How to Order
To order, simply send an email with the sizing and named print that you desire. I will personally coordinate your order with you from start to finish to ensure that you are pleased with your product. If desired, I can accept credit card orders through Paypal. If you have a question prior to placing an order, feel free to ask and I'll gladly help you.


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